Welcome to Indiana University Cyclotron Operations. We operate and maintain the IU Cyclotron, which provides proton beam to our Radiation Effects Research Program (RERP) and to patients who are treated at the IU Health Proton Therapy Center. To improve proton therapy technology, IU Cyclotron Operations develops, manufactures, and maintains custom instrumentation for the Proton Therapy System used by the IU Health Proton Therapy Center and other facilities.

How will your equipment perform in radioactive environments?

RERP beam delivery will be discontinued after October 31 2014 due to the closure of the IU cyclotron facility.

The RERP facilities provide proton radiation testing for space exploration programs like NASA’s Johnson Space Center and for research that includes materials science and particle physics. The IU Cyclotron delivers 200 MeV proton beam to two dedicated RERP beamlines for exploring the effects of ionizing radiation on electric systems and other equipment. Our beamlines are commercially available to outside users at competitive rates. We invite you to schedule your experiment.